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Why choose IVF-Spain?

  • 1Excellent pregnancy results
  • 2Flexible, personalised treatments
  • 3Totally anonymous egg donation plan
  • 4Leaders in R&D
  • 596% of our patients would recommend us
  • 6The best results by combining traditional and holistic medicine

What our patients say

Noticias IVF Spain

Patient KB

“For us it was important to go this way in order not to regret later not having tried. All the patience and hope have finally paid off! We definitely would recommend IVF Spain, for their discretion and professionalism, we were especially convinced by their very human approach of fertility treatments.”

K.B. + A.W.
United Kingdom

“The IVF Spain Patient’s approach is very empathic and human, you feel really supported during the overall process by their excellent medical team. We are very gratefull to the entire IVF Spain team for our wonderful daughter and we feel so blessed that we went there.”

Nicole Melis
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July 3, 2014

We have just attented the annual congress ESHRE 2014 in Munich, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. The congress was a success and …

IVF Spain has just received the award “Two years without accidents” given by the Asistencial Asepeyo Center in Alicante, in recognition of the achievement of …

IVF Spain is regularly present in the print media, let it be with new and enhancing technologies or because of sensational treatment results in complex …

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