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Why choose IVF-Spain?

  • 1Excellent pregnancy results
  • 2Flexible, personalised treatments
  • 3Totally anonymous egg donation plan
  • 4Leaders in R&D
  • 596% of our patients would recommend us
  • 6The best results by combining traditional and holistic medicine

What our patients say

Noticias IVF Spain

Meet Penny, a British patient, right before her treatment started and get to know her thoughts, feelings and hopes and the reason why she has chosen IVF-Spain to make her dream come true!

United Kingdom

“We opted for IVFSpain in the end, because it´s a much smaller clinic and because Alicante is much easier to arrive at from Zwitzerland. On top of that, when we came to visit, the people at IVFSpain were really friendly and took a long time explaining things to us.”

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In collaboration with the Dutch internship agency „Costa Blanca“, directed by Mrs. Laura Wester, IVF-Spain welcomed a group of professors from different universities and colleges, …

The Alicante-Spain IVF clinic subjects all egg donors to undergo genetic testing EXPERTS RECOMMEND SUBMITTING EGG DONORS TO TEST FOR PRECONCEPTION It is estimated that …

The clinic IVF-Spain in Alicante, is the only clinic, that receives this award. THE EGG DONATION PROGRAM OF IVF-SPAIN RECEIVES THE AWARD „IVF CLINIC AWARD …

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