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Why choose IVF-Spain?

  • 1Excellent pregnancy results
  • 2Flexible, personalised treatments
  • 3Totally anonymous egg donation plan
  • 4Leaders in R&D
  • 596% of our patients would recommend us
  • 6The best results by combining traditional and holistic medicine

What our patients say


Meet Penny, a British patient, right before her treatment started and get to know her thoughts, feelings and hopes and the reason why she has chosen IVF-Spain to make her dream come true!

“And so when I was able to tell the story IVF-Spain was actually my first choice all along. And of course the researcher in me wanted to check out all options. So I created an Excel Spreadsheet. And I had an Excel Spreadsheet that listed out all the clinics down on one side and all of the different treatment options along the other side and I would say yes or no did they have it and what is the costing against that and try to do a compared of analysis and I actually kept coming back to IVF-Spain which was really interesting.”

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Egg donations or fertility treatments with oocyte donation is a reproduction technique highly requested by international patients, who come to IVF SPAIN searching for a …

From now on, physicians, biologists and biotechnologists would be able to complete their training at the high-tech facilities of the international clinic IVF Spain, by …

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