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Egg Donation Treatment

Unlike some other European countries, egg donation or fertility treatments with donor eggs is approved by the Spanish law. In addition, Spanish law provides that children born by means of assisted reproduction techniques shall not be able to obtain information regarding the donor - similarly, the donor shall not be able to obtain information, such as the identity of the conceived child.  A common concern among those considering this treatment is about the donor selection process itself. Fortunately, Spanish law provides that both donor and recipient shall share as many phenotypic similarities as possible, that is to encourage physical resemblance between the donor and recipient.

IVF Spain has a bank of 500 donors from all over Europe, Asia and the Middle East, allowing us to meet the different physical features from patients worldwide.

On this video, Victoria and Ross, one year after their egg donation treatment at our clinic, came back to introduce their little boy: Rex.

Due to multiple causes (age, early menopause, genetic disease, chemotherapy or radiotherapy) the ovaries may lose their capability of producing good quality eggs. In these cases, egg donation may help achieving pregnancy safely and securely.

A slight ovarian stimulation of the donor is performed in order to obtain the eggs. The recipient woman will start a hormone treatment to synchronise with the donor and will, ultimately, receive the resulting embryos to achieve pregnancy. The remaining embryos will be frozen and cryopreserved for further treatments.


Pregnancy rates 75 - 80%.*

Types of egg donation

  • With sperm from partner.
  • With donor sperm (embryo adoption).

For whom is it appropriate?

  • Women with psychological or early menopause.
  • Women that do not produce eggs or are infertile as a result of chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments.
  • Women who produce low quality eggs or who do not respond to hormones.
  • When assisted reproduction treatments have failed on various occasions.
  • Women that suffer from a genetic disease, which cannot be diagnosed in the embryo.
  • When not having access to the ovaries through surgical procedure.

Like blood or organ donors, there are also women that donate their eggs altruistically and anonymously. In fact, 56.5% of all donations are done altruistically. Thanks to this gesture of solidarity, many women that are unable to produce their own eggs have the chance to give birth to a healthy child.

The donors are usually young and healthy women. Prior to the donation, medical examinations, genetic and psychological studies are carried out as required by law.

Donor selection criteria

  • Woman between 18 and 34 years.
  • Blood Group. An important factor for those parents that want their baby to have the same blood group as their own. 
  • Study of diseases: HIV, chlamydia, hepatitis, rubella, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus or syphilis, among others.
  • Recombine analysis capable of detecting 213 monogenic genetic diseases.
  • Chromosomal analysis for detecting possible disorders.
  • Personal and familiar background for ruling out the transmission of inherited diseases.
  • Fertility study.
  • Psychological assessment.
Treatment viability depends on medical diagnosis.

*Pregnancy rates depend on the sperm of the partner, the chosen treatment and the individual response of each patient. Displayed data are representative to the cases subject to study. 

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