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Patient centered

Patient centerednessIn order to reach the highest pregnancy rates two things are required: firstly, high standards of medical and embryological quality and secondly, high levels of personal, patient centred care. For these reasons, medical and embryological work is divided into the following:

  • Patient safety.
  • Medical protocols based on applied evidential medicine.
  • Process based workflows.
  • Patient centered organization.

To ensure the highest standards IVF Spain practices the the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standards, as well as the UNE 179007 Regulation. IVF Spain has been certified by TÜV as fulfilling the strict criteria of both norms. The TÜV certification is one of the most demanding and comprehensive in the world.

Following a sound quality system ensures continuous. The regular monitoring of all processes, as well as patient and staff feedback, are important sources of improvement. Staff are not only trained in the latest medical, embryological and technological know-how, but also in counselling, coaching and therapeutic communication.

Patient experience and patient centricity is core to a premium fertility service. We have mapped the patient journey, identified all touch points, including the emotional side. We have also changed from a  patient satisfaction to a patient experience survey adapting the patient-centeredness infertility-questionnaire (PCQinfertility). We also evaluate comments on a weekly basis in order to react to any feedback as efficiently as possible.

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