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Patient Journey

“A complete guide to a fertility treatment journey offered at IVF Spain. Overview of your journey.”

1. Consultation

Once at the clinic, we will perform the required preliminary fertility tests and examine the results along with your medical history.

During this 3-hour consultation you will be introduced to the team responsible for your care and treatment follow-up:

  • the biologists and nurses,
  • the personal assistants in charge of the administrative and logistic tasks 
  • and, of course, the doctor who will perform the examination, ascertain your medical history, assess your test results and guide you through the different options and ultimately prescribe your personal treatment. 

The price of this consultation is €200,00 and includes the airport pick-up, ultrasound and E2 and P4 blood testing (if required).

As listed below, during the visit we will also test the partners’ sperm quality and keep the sample frozen as a treatment back up (to ensure the viability of the fertilization).

2. Required tests 

IVF Spain follows the WHO guidelines on Patient Safety, the National Strategy on Patient Safety of the Spanish Ministry of Health and the European Network for Patient Safety and Quality Care (PASQ). The aim is to ensure both your safety and the safety of your future baby.

The required tests for the treatment are as follows.


  • Serology (HIV, Hep B, Hep C, Syphilis).
  • TSH, Anti-TPO, Anti Tg antibodies.
  • Cytology.
  • Mammogram (should the patient have an immediate family member or personal history of breast cancer, or be aged 40 or older).
  • Serology (HIV, Hep B, Hep C, Syphilis).
  • Spermiogram.
  • Sperm DNA Fragmentation test (SCD + MACS) – You can ask us more regarding the importance of this test. 
IVF Spain will only accept serologies from accredited laboratories in Spain. Furthermore, the serologies shall not be older than three months due to the incubation period of most viruses and the time the organism needs to react to those viruses.

The IVF Spain laboratory is equipped with state of the art technology, allowing us to carry out all the necessary tests.

The price for all of the listed tests is € 363.00 (mammography not included). Please bear in mind that additional tests may (or not) be required – the price may vary accordingly in either case.

3. Personalised medical plan

Following the consultation with the doctor which will be based on your fertility health and test results, you will have a chance to consider your treatment options and choose an appropriate programme designed specifically for you.

You will be given a personalised medical plan with daily instructions. The plan will be designed according to your availability to return to Spain for 10-14 days (depending on the type of treatment) for the embryo transfer.

Your personal assistant will go through the informed consent and other documentation with you after the consultation and you will have the opportunity to clarify and question any aspect of the proposed treatment.

A nurse will give you a detailed explanation on how to correctly administer the medication.

We will provide original prescriptions of the required medication, which you will be able to purchase either in Alicante in a nearby pharmacy or at home.

4. Confirmed Treatment

In order to start the treatment, we recommended leaving all the original and signed documents at the clinic.

We will then confirm the proposed embryo transfer time frame in our system.

We will find a donor within a two week period of you confirming your timeframe and you will be sent  a Treatment Checklist document detailing all the paperwork that has been completed; test results and any additional actions required by you prior to treatment.

It will also inform you of the due date of payment. This document must then be sent to us signed and dated (a scan of this document will be valid).

5. Treatment
You will be able to start taking the medication in the comfort of your home.

During the treatment you will be in close contact with the assistant team by e-mail and/or phone.

The duration of this phase may vary depending on the type of treatment you are undergoing (with your own or with donated eggs).

You will also need to make several appointments with your own doctor for treatment follow-ups and send the test results to us by e-mail in order that we can provide all the necessary medical indications (if required).

6. Flight

FlightWe know that international trips can be stressful for some – we therefore offer an airport pick-up service that will take you directly to the clinic or to your hotel.

Our driver will be waiting for you at the information desk holding a name plate.

We also work closely with local hotels and apartments that offer special rates for our visitors. Should you wish to stay in such accommodation we will be happy to manage your reservation through our reservation forms.

7. Arrival

Once you arrive in Spain you can relax and wait for us to contact you.

In case of a treatment with your own eggs, we will arrange for a quick appointment in order to check your ovaries and decide when to trigger your ovulation. The egg retrieval will be exactly 36 hours after that moment.

In the case of a treatment with donated eggs, we will be monitoring your donor closely and contact you once the exact time and day of the egg retrieval is known (36 hours in advance).

The biology team will keep you updated regarding the result of the fertilisation, so please make sure you are contactable by phone throughout this initial period. 

8. Sperm Analysis

Normally, we test the sperm during the first visit and keep it frozen as a backup for the transfer time frame.

We may have to perform a  spermiogram and DNA fragmentation during the transfer time frame – but before the appointment for the actual fertilization – should your partner not have been able to come to the first visit when you had your initial tests.

9. Day of Transfer

Normally, we test the sperm during the first visit and keep it frozen as a backup for the transfer time frame.

We may have to perform a  spermiogram and DNA fragmentation during the transfer time frame – but before the appointment for the actual fertilization – should your partner not have been able to come to the first visit when you had your initial tests.

10. Post-Transfer
You will receive a report after the transfer informing you of the transferred/remaining embryos. In addition, you will receive a document with post-transfer instructions as well as medication you will need to take to support the pregnancy.

11 Pregnancy Test

10 days after the transfer you will need make an appointment with your doctor and perform the anticipated pregnancy test (β-hCG and Progesterone level in blood) and inform us of the result.

Depending on the results of both pregnancy hormone and progesterone levels in blood, you will be given different medical instructions.

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